Weekly New massive xmas sale half price 15/12/2018

Hello. We are having a massive Xmas sale, starting Sunday 16th December, 50% off all our fish. I would like empty tanks for Jan for a large order of all what everyone and I have been looking for over the last few months, plecs / shrimp etc. For this to work out for me, I need things in order and as many of my well-established tanks ideally empty. I thought over Xmas would be a great time to go forward with this venture. I've met many great people over this last year and made new friends with the same interests as my self through doing something I love. Hope this discount shows my gratitude for the support and will benefit some of the great customers I've had over this last couple of years.

 Thanks, James

Please note: even though I would like empty tanks, the well being and care of all my fish comes first, I would rather keep them than jeopardise that, 

Hope to see you soon.

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