AQUARIUM & POND FISH. from fry fish farm  Available to view week days 10.30 till 8pm Apart from wednesday sat/sun 11 till 6. weekly arrivals 60 display tanks also ponds ..thanks 0771315980 dn67rp   


Hello I'm James { } I first created as a site to show  my aquariums and fish bred and razed at home.


A hobby shared mostly with friends online.  . A aquarium were one of the first thing i wanted in my own home. 

And still have my first tank now 14 year later . also my first two fish . meat and loaf my sucker mouth catfish. That I found to be female much after naming them. I did want many have as beginner picked all the fish I liked to then realize they didn't like each other. So basically my first tank then turn to four tanks. so it began 30 tanks later and a grumpy landlord. I decide I wanted to pursue it more . And have my own aquatic fish farm. Like one aboard had research and watch online already .with lots of tropical fish that I bred and rased at home so start me up . After a few month I went all in selling every thing I owned to fund my first move to a  shop with a flat above. Didn't go to plan. Anyway don't want to bore so I,ll jump forward a few years and two more moves still pursuing the dream final feel like im getting somewhere. And enjoying it more than ever . Meeting new people and made many friends with same intrests always keeping my values. care and respect for all aquatic life within my care. no matter what.  about  from fry fish farm .    

thanks for reading James   

AQUARIUM & POND FISH . TROPICAL & COLD FRESHWATER FISH.  DN67RP Rear units off crescent woodlands Doncaster 


Large variety of aquarium and pond fish. rare / popular / odd freshwater/tropical/cold   Available to view 6 days a week 

Available to view everyday apart from Wednesday

10.30am till 8pm weekdays

11am till 6pm weekend

0771315980 or 07561478038 [ doors are mostly closed to keep fish warm ] Ring the door bell on phone

super welcoming to all visitors lots to see 

display tanks . Also ready soon outside Area ponds


Welcome to all a variety of aquarium and pond fish . Available to view more than welcoming. Even if it just to view pop in

60 display tanks available to view everyday apart from Wednesday 

have a large variety of freshwater aquarium and pond fish tropical and cold some that you may not see many other places.

Also can supplier trade /retail/wholesale fish list prices to those in the fish business . And do to a few retail/traders/shops/online/fish room home trader/ breeders across the uk.and licensed to do so  looking for more location pending . email or or call 07713154980 for info  

need advice about this topic feel free to call to