from fry fish farm dn67rp doncaster uk . Rare and popular freshwater aquarium fish farm. Dn67rp woodlands doncaster .

At from fry fish farm, we have a large variety of freshwater aquarium fish pond fish. cold / tropical bred by our selves and imported from fish farms worldwide directly. We have many varieties of freshwater fish and more are available to us from sources aboard. The health of our fish is a top priority and They are given time to settle in after traveling and properly quarantined before being available to customers. We are happy to help at any point. Please call in and see the 80+ display tanks plans to set up more.

Join our facebook group over 1000 members see are reveiws also many happy customers ....from fry fish farm. We have an up to date stock list, there 's lots of interaction with other enthusiasts, a place where you can showcase your own tank  and may be even sell a few of your fish.

Our youtube channel....freshwater fish farm

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From fry fish farm

Unit 2

Off The Crescent 
South Yorkshire

 Thurs, Fri 10.30am til 8pm
Saturday 11 till 6pm
sunday 12 till 6pm
Monday 10.30 till 6pm

A massive variety of aquarium fish . from the oddest to most popular with sources globally .and 1oo+ aquarium and progressing all the time .  

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